Monday, August 4, 2014

Auto Transport & Car Shipping Tip #5

Ask About Auto Shipping Discounts
Most people probably have never had to use auto shipping services before and it's easy to get overwhelmed in the quest to find out how the industry works and to get the best deal possible from the best auto shipping company. Safety, trust, honesty and dependability are keywords in the auto transport business. Customers are often unaware of all the discounts available to them and some of these discounts can notoriously lower car shipping rates. Some common discounts could include:

*Military Discounts
*Multiple Car Discounts
*Round Trip Discounts
*Senior Citizen Discounts

King of the Road is proud to offer all of the above mentioned discounts and many more. Keep in mind that not all auto transport companies will offer these discounts, especially if they are already providing low car shipping rates, but it never hurts to ask about them.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Auto Transport & Car Shipping Tip #4

Research and Compare Reputation and Services
Once you have received your rates, it’s time to investigate the companies  a little deeper. In this day and age, Google may be the best tool when you need to find information about a company. Check reviews sites such as or, as well as the BBB for complaints and unresolved issues. Go over all the rates and services. What does the price include? What services do they offer? Are they licensed, bonded and insured? What kind of reputation do they have? Do they charge money upfront? There are many options in the auto transport industry and -if you do a little research- you will find the company that best suits your needs. Our aim is to always be your choice and we are committed to provide the highest quality of service every time you ship with us. 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Auto Transport & Car Shipping Tip #3

Beware of Low Car Shipping Quotes
When it comes down to pricing, there are some things you will need to keep in mind and be careful with. The most important will be: Do not automatically go with the cheapest price you receive. If you received a car shipping quote that substantially lower than the rest, that should raise the first flag. As in any other aspect in life, if it´s too good to be true, then it probably is. Rates could vary for several reasons. The most common are:
*Higher/Lower "deposits"
Broker's fees (commonly and widely known as "deposit") can and will vary depending on the company providing the quote. Higher quotes not always mean faster or better service, but you definitely want to stay away from unbelievably low quotes (see our tips below to know why).
*Higher/Lower considerations on what the carrier pay should be
Low paying vehicles WILL NOT ATTRACT CARRIERS, so make sure you do not instantly go with the lowest quote you receive, and always find out how much the broker's fee is. In this industry, you want to place yourself somewhere in the middle-to-higher end of rates.
Pricing your shipping honestly is, arguably, the main key for auto shipping success. We do not overcharge nor do we low-ball your move. Higher prices usually mean higher broker' fees, and really low prices will simply not get your vehicle moved, as in this industry we all work with the same network of carriers and no matter who the broker is, the trucker's fees will remain the same. Why would a carrier take the same vehicle for less just based on which broker is offering it? Our "secret" is to come up with attractive rates for the carriers while still remaining affordable for you, a price that will move your vehicle promptly, by a top-rated carrier, without the need to empty your pockets out.
Experience is essential when pricing routes, as there are many variables to be considered in order to accurately come up with the best rates available. At King of the Road, our staff is hyper-knowledgeable and has many years of experience in the auto transport industry. Some factors considered when pricing are:
*Distance Between Origin and Destination
*Type of Vehicle
*Desired Carrier (Open or Enclosed)
*Specific Locations
*Operability of Vehicle
*Lead time (we recommend booking at least a week in advance)
*Availability of Carriers
*Number of Cars You Want to Relocate
*Schedule Flexibility
*Pickup and Delivery Preferences
*Time of the Year
*Auto Transport Company Reputation
*Current Gas Prices

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Auto Transport & Car Shipping Tip #2

Get Multiple Auto Transport Quotes

To get the best deal possible, you will need to obtain at least 3-8 shipping rates from different companies. Just type "car shipping" or "auto transport" in Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other search engine of your preference and fill out one of the quote request forms, you will get anywhere between 3 and 10 different quotes.
Get a quote from King of the Road now!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Auto Transport & Car Shipping Tip #1

Never pay anything upfront.

Do you think it is fair for a someone to get paid for services that weren't provided yet? Neither do we, and that is why we will only charge our fee once we get the job done as promised. Although you may be required to provide a credit card at the time of booking, nothing will be charged until your vehicle is on the truck and on it's way. Whichever transport company you choose, always make sure you carefully read their contract as well as their terms and conditions in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Choose a Car Shipping Company

When it comes to choosing an auto shipping company to ship a car, it is important to consider all the factors beyond the transport's fee. Ask if the price is all-inclusive. Many auto transport and car shipping companies will give you an attractive, super low rate to get your business and your "deposit" (just a fancy way to call the Broker´s Fee for arranging the auto transport) only to turn around and ask you for more money or hit you with hidden fees. King of the Road Transport only works with fully licensed, bonded and insured auto shipping companies that offer door-to-door, non-stop, one truck auto transport and are top-rated withing the auto shipping and car transport industry. Do not pay the deposit upfront, ever. Simply because you should not have to pay until your broker actually does what he is hired to do, which is getting your vehicle picked up by a reputable, licensed and insured car mover company. Ask around about the auto transport company's experience and reputation. You can find some of this information through the Better Business Bureau's website, state incorporation records and online customer reviews. You may also want to ask friends and family if they have any personal recommendations. Determine if the car shipping company has a pickup window. This is important, because if they don't, they can take forever to pickup and deliver your vehicle. You want to know when to expect your car to be shipped.
 Talk to the shippers, ask questions. Here are some things you should ask about: Licensing Bond/Insurance Extended Damage Protection Payment Terms Transport Windows and Time Frames Extra or Hidden Fees Ratings Testimonials BBB Accreditation and Rating Cancellation Policy Pick the best value based on how well the company meets previously mentioned factors and the cost of their service, combined.

A few auto transport tips

Car shipping and vehicle transport companies can never guarantee a specific pick-up or delivery date or time. Unforeseen problems like traffic or breakdowns can cause potential delays. Patience and preparation are essential and will help both you and your car mover to have a positive experience. Nevertheless, King of the Road is well known for accommodating very specific shipping dates and deadlines, as well as complicated schedules and logistically challenging moves. Just talk to one of our car shipping experts and we will put our company to work hard and meet your car shipping needs.

Don't forget to clarify payment terms. Most auto transport companies will require you to place a deposit, around $150-$250, before shipping. We DO NOT agree with these practices as we do not believe in getting paid unless we provide you with excellent service. Sadly, there are many car shipping companies out there looking for a quick buck, oftentimes using "bait-and-switch" offers where their price is super low and they promise whatever you want promised. As usual, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

BEWARE OF LOW QUOTES. If you chose to pay anything in advance, do so with a credit card in case charges need to be disputed later and thoroughly read their car shipping agreement before you pay anybody anything. Once again, KING OF THE ROAD STRONGLY SUGGESTS NEVER TO PAY ANYTHING IN ADVANCE, as we believe the only honest way for a broker to earn their money is by actually rendering great car shipping services. If you have any last minute questions about car shipping, ask your driver. Confirm the terms of your contract and make sure your driver has your correct contact information. Before you car is loaded on the trailer, note the odometer reading; though your car may be driven a little in order to load or store your vehicle, there should be no major mileage discrepancies when the car is delivered.